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Choose the Top Tweet and Win Five

In the modern world of marketing and public relations, measurement matters like never before. For example, according to research from online sources such as MediaBistro, TopRank and WishPond, a tweet will get more readers if it has any or all of the five qualities:

  1. Uses numbers;
  2. Doesn’t ask questions;
  3. Isn’t verbose;
  4. Includes verbs and adverbs; and
  5. Has a call to action.

This is useful advice for any type of content, really. Faced with the task of distinguishing your news from the unrelenting stream of “breaking news,” celebrity gossip and adorable puppy GIFs, one must present timely, relevant, exciting and original content. In this spirit, I thought it might be useful to craft a few headlines for this blog post using tried-and-true social media messaging tactics, and let you select the most effective one.

  1. Give your tweets with chutzpah
  2. Five ways to get your tweets noticed
  3. Craft successful tweets
perfect tweet social tip neomobile 248x300 Choose the Top Tweet and Win Five

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Media “platforms” will continue to evolve; along with the technologies that we use to access them, but word quality will always matter. Choosing words that move people is both an art and a science. Consider this the next time you are tasked with something as seemingly mundane as filling in the subject line of an email, titling a blog post or editing a newsletter. All words have weight.

Invest time and thought in understanding the audience you’re trying to reach. Imagine yourself in their position; and consider the type of reaction you’d like them to experience. Then can you craft an effective message.

Before we close, I’d like to thank you for indulging my admittedly overactive sense of word play. When it comes to writing good tweets, today’s “best practices” sound a lot like what I practiced in the 1960s as a journalism school undergrad and assistant editor writing headlines for my college newspaper (cleverly named, The Collegian). Good techniques are timeless.

If you take away two thoughts from this blog, let them be these:

  1. Analytics might seem like anathema to the creative process, but the statistics they provide can help identify the right words when it matters most.
  2. Try to test important messages on a colleague or two – or on a trusted communications advisor such as The WWW Group – before clicking the send button.

Now, I did promise a contest and a winner. Here is the deal: Cast a vote for your favorite headline from the ones provided above by commenting here or by emailing your choice to info@the3wgroup.com. ALL entries will receive five free Twitter posts written specifically for you by 3WG’s crack team of social media content marketing specialists.

Which of the three headlines do you choose?

See below for examples from 3WG, and follow us on Twitter @TheWWWGroup.

1. uses numbers 300x67 Choose the Top Tweet and Win Five

1. Uses numbers

2. no qs 300x81 Choose the Top Tweet and Win Five

2. Doesn’t ask questions

3. brief 300x63 Choose the Top Tweet and Win Five

3. Isn’t verbose

4. adverb 300x60 Choose the Top Tweet and Win Five

4. Includes verbs and adverbs

5. has a call to action 300x81 Choose the Top Tweet and Win Five

5. Has a call to action


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